Julia Goldani Telles to star in Any Other Friday

This one has been more difficult due to the smaller nature of the project. However, your favourite young actress, Julia Goldani Telles, is set to star in a small film called ‘Any Other Friday’. Incase you missed it (our bad), this film is a short film about a football coach in a small town. It raised $10,000 on indiegogo, and clearly takes a lot of its inspiration from Friday Night Lights, which I loved.


Julia’s attachment to this project was not initially revealed, but there was a video of an interview with her talking about her role in the film – the coach’s granddaughter.

This is possibly the project of Julia’s that I am most interested in, and I can’t wait for it to be released. I’ll keep my ears to the ground for any news on that – all I see at the moment is a 2014 update on the director’s site stating that the project is coming along well and aiming for a Spring completion, which should be around now.

Watch Julia’s interview below:

Julia Goldani Telles – “Olivia” from Peter Paul Basler on Vimeo.

Julia Goldani Telles attached to Showtime’s ‘The Affair’

This is by no means news anymore, but in an attempt to catch up and update this site, I am posting it now.

Julia has signed on with Showtime to join Dominic West (The Wire) and Ruth Wilson (Luther) in ‘The Affair’. The show will feature two families, each of which will have one parent succumb to infidelity. Julia Goldani Telles will play the role of a 16 year old girl called Whitney, daughter of the character played by Dominic West.


We believe that this will be a defining role for Julia assuming it is given a full season order, as it is expected to be. We can’t wait to see Julia back on TV on a regular basis.

Julia Goldani Telles Guest Star Role on ‘The Carrie Diaries’

Julia Goldani Telles guest starred in the episode of The Carrie Diaries called “Hungry Like the Wolf”, the 11th episode of season 2. (S02E11)

I’m yet to see this episode, but when I do, screencaps will surely follow. From what I’ve read though, she was great as ever.


Candidate Hub

Taken from Not Made in Chelsea:


Over the last 3 months, I have been working on a new project called Candidate Hub with a friend of mine, Rob Stark. We are students at The University of Edinburgh and Loughborough University respectively. During the Winter break from university, I decided, whilst watching ‘Toryboy the Movie’ (highly recommended), that there was a reason for the filmmaker and subject’s trouble engaging with voters. There is no platform that allows candidates to represent themselves on their own terms, as opposed to in relation to their party.

All candidates representing one of the 5 biggest parties (Labour, Conservative, Liberal Democrat, UKIP or Green) will most likely have their campaign literature produced by their party, and whilst they will have some input, there is no way to guarantee authenticity or personality in the output. There is also no way to guarantee any of this information on demand, and no way for voters to compare and contrast the opinions of each candidate.

I am fully aware of the burgeoning existence of sites such as “isidewith” or “voteforpolicies“, both of which I consider great resources to consider when casting your vote on election day. What we wish to offer though is a more personal experience between a voter and their candidates as people rather than merely an extension of a political party.

The requirement for new tools to aid in voter awareness is made increasingly apparent by a continuing fall in voter turnout, alongside a creeping shift in the voting demographic towards older generations. With such outdated ‘tools’ as leaflets and door-to-door campaigning, it is of little surprise that turnout for the 2012 Manchester Central by-election was a pitiful 18.2%. I am in no way saying that there is no place for leaflets or door-to-door campaigning, and I think the latter is a great way for candidates to genuinely make their mark on voters, it’s my opinion that it doesn’t happen enough. Obviously though, finding the time to speak to every voter is unrealistic for even the most active of candidates.

With Candidate Hub, we honestly believe that we can offer to every candidate, regardless of party (including those without a registered party) and constituency, an opportunity to put forward their views to the electorate, in one location, easily accessible on phones, tablets and PCs.

The number of people not interested in politics is, worryingly, on the increase. We cannot alone rectify that, and it will be a difficult task for anyone involved. What we can offer though is a site that will not take much effort to browse, you can check the candidates in your constituency, you can see what they think about the issues you care about.

If you believe that this is a tool that you would find useful, then I would ask that you help us out. Our campaign for funding on indiegogo is nearing completion, with two days before it ends, at the time of writing. We near our initial target of £1000, and this would certainly help us a great deal with web development and to an extent with the publicity. Any amount that you could donate would be a great help, and if you share the campaign with your friends, we would be extremely grateful.

If you would like to help us otherwise, there are many alternatives. Please contact info@candidatehub.co.uk if you wish to help us out with Candidate Hub in any way at all.

Some examples would be simple things such as displaying posters on noticeboards, contacting your local MP to get them on-board, or even a journalist that you know, or writes for your local newspaper. At this stage, any publicity can only be good for us as we lead up to the stage where most candidates are announced and hopefully ready to answer our (as yet undisclosed) questions.

Thanks to all,

Jack Govier


This site has been criminally underloved for too long.
Obviously Julia has not stopped existing, and there have been developments. Obviously Bunheads has been cancelled, about which I have plenty to say. Julia though has signed on to at least one new project which I actually found out about independently of her, because it looks very interesting.
So, in the next few weeks I will attempt to post any new interviews Julia has given in 2013, as well as a post about the cancellation of Bunheads and her upcoming project(s).

In short, I intend to revive this site in the upcoming months, and I will eventually get around to doing the summaries of each episode with screencaps, mostly because it’ll be a nice excuse to re-watch the show.

If anyone is interested in working with me on this site, because I do have other time commitments, don’t hesitate to let me know in the comments below. Make sure you leave an email address.

Thanks all.

Interview With Teen Vogue

Julia visited Vogue with co-star Kaitlyn Jenkins in November and this was the resulting interview.

From this there are a couple of interesting answers from Julia about her future which I will paste, but it really is worth reading the whole interview.

When asked if they planned on sticking to acting, Julia replied:
“I love to act. I want to write too, though. I’m obsessed with The New Yorker, and I love to read good journalism. The storytelling aspect is what attracts me to acting. If I’m ever able to screen-write and act, that would be great. I love Lena Dunham; she produces, she acts, she does all of it, and I’d love to be on the other side of the camera.”

I like this answer, it suggests an all-round interest in the art of production akin to maybe Dianna Agron. It would be disappointed if she decided to stay on the other side of the camera for too long though.

Also, when asked if they wanted to attend college, Julia replied:
“I’d like to go to college and study journalism. I looked at Barnard yesterday, and I’m applying to schools this year.”

Again, a nice answer. Suggesting a very interesting future for her and hopefully a very successful one too.

Instagram Update

So the first update will just be Julia’s instagram pictures since the last I posted.

Julia and Kaitlyn visit Teen Vogue in October.

Julia and Bailey ice skating at the Rockefeller Center, New York as part of an ABC Family promotion.


Julia and Sutton enjoying a selection of cakes.

Julia on-set with Sasha’s new love interest, Roman.


Site Update News

Ok, so I promised to have the site updated by yesterday, no such luck. I’ll probably do the screencaps and review of episode 11 today as I don’t currently have access to the previous episodes. Also, I’ve missed plenty of reviews and pictures of Julia, so I’ll try to update the site with these. This is a site I intend to keep updated, even if I haven’t so far.