Julia Goldani Telles

Julia, aged 17, is the break-out star of new ABC Family show, ‘Bunheads’. She plays the role Sasha Torres, the ballet student from a broken home with immense talent but little willing. This site will aim to be both a guide to her career as it progresses and a source of news for all things Julia-related. So for the time being, Bunheads too. (And let’s hope this is true for a long time) I am open to both suggestions for the path this site takes and content that fans of Julia would like to see. A couple of people have got to this site by searching ‘how tall is Julia Goldani Telles’, the answer to that, according to this, is 5 foot 7 inches.

Incase you hadn’t noticed, I’m now using this site to write about Bunheads too, I figure it’s pretty significant in Julia’s career, and I can’t imagine any fans of her not being fans of the show at this point in time.

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